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Nationally published artist for over 35 years
On-Line Gallery of 

Charles L. Duhon
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy art from an artist owned on-line gallery?
Regular "brick and mortar" galleries add up to 50% more to the artists' asking price. When you call us for "customer service" you will actually be speaking to the Artist himself. Buying directly from the artists' on-line gallery will save you lots of money!

How do I make a purchase from your on-line store?
We believe that buying art should never be an impulse buy and we value the relationships with our customers. First view our on-line gallery then click on the shop now button to visit the on-line store, any problems just contact us and we'll personally assist you with your purchase.

How should customers contact you?
We prefer an email for the first contact, use the Contact Form or our email address. If you need to call, best times are 10am - 5pm, Monday-Friday.

What are your payment terms?
Complete verified payment via credit card transaction before shipping products.

Do you have a return policy?
Yes, 30 days complete satisfaction returns for full refund or credit for another choice of art. Customer is responsible for return shipping cost.

What shipping options do you offer?
Shipping is included in the price (U.S. only), UPS standard ground or U.S. mail. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Originals and larger Gallery Wrap Prints may have longer delivery times. If you live near the north Texas area, free personal delivery may be available.

Why should I buy an original painting?
Investing in quality and detail that are so much better than any print, plus it's a rare one of a kind item that was hand-crafted by the artist. It also provides you with a personal relationship and a tangible connection to the life and legacy of the artist.

Are the prices of original paintings negotiable?
Yes, within reason, any non-offensive offer will be considered. However, prices of prints are not negotiable.

What are Canvas Gallery Wrap prints and do you offer them?
Yes, they are a modern style of display, printed on real canvas and wrapped on a thick wood frame. No need for expensive mat, frame or glass. But please note that some image loss and proportion changes may occur due to the 2 inches that wraps around the frame. Custom order larger sizes available with additional shipping charge.

Can customers view higher resolution images of your art?
Yes, and we highly recommend it before purchasing, just request that in an email and you will be sent a higher resolution proof.

Does your artwork include a Certificate of Authenticity?
Yes, for all the print options and especially for the original paintings.

Do you offer custom matting for your prints?
Maybe... but for an obscene price, as this also adds additional materials, labor and shipping charges.

Are your prints Limited Editions?
Some are very small Limited Editions, average 200, but most are not.

Do you help customers with frame selections?
Yes, we can give basic advice, but the ultimate choice is yours. All my prints are sized to be compatible with standard frame sizes with a 3 to 4 inch mat, you can save money by using standard pre-made frames. Please note, some dimensions are approximate.

In what galleries are you currently exhibiting?
As with most modern working artists, we own the on-line Artistry Fine Art Gallery. Visit the Bio page to see which galleries have shown our art in the past. We may consider exhibiting with more galleries in the future.

Do you accept commissioned or custom painting requests?
No, not at this time.

Do you accept visitors at your studio?
Yes, but please make an appointment.

Do you offer public or private art lessons?
No, not at this time, but we may consider it in the future.

Do you offer lectures about your art or private and corporate exhibitions.
Yes, depending on circumstances, scheduling and details. Call us and let's talk!

What is the best way to use and enjoy this website?
Step 1: Make yourself a large alcoholic beverage of your choice.
Step 2: Enjoy the music video on the home page and explore the Artist Bio page.
Step 3: Browse all the artwork on New Art, Popular Prints and Originals pages.
Step 4: Repeat Step 1 as needed, finally locate your credit card and Shop Now! :)

On-Line Gallery

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HomeArtist BioNew Art PrintsPopular PrintsOriginals-Sale!Contact-FAQ

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